Lighting the YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL a work in progress

I am SO happy to announce that a more than eight-year-old dream of mine is finally coming true.
Tomorrow we are lighting the YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL installation in Fountain Square. I’ve been tirelessly talking about it for eight years, and now it’s finally happening.
Our friends at Indiana Lightscapes will be installing permanent lighting fixtures to light up the YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL so that it will shine brightly throughout the night.
Our friends at Rivet Merch designed a YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL t-shirt to help us raise funds to pay for the lighting. The shirt is available here.
Our friends at Silver in the City donated 100% of the sales of YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL greeting cards with photography by Dawn Olsen to contribute to the cost.
Our friends at Navy Blue Photography have donated a portion of all their revenue to help make it possible.
Our friends at Indianapolis Power and Light agreed wholeheartedly that “Words have POWER”, and donated the remainder of the cost to light the installation.
Dreams really do come true.
View the event page on Facebook.

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