Right now I’m feeling the weight of some people’s thoughtless labeling of others. I’m terrified at the immeasurable irrecoverable damage that results from this kind of thoughtlessness. As a child I was hurt and labeled by others (please watch my TED Talk below). As an adultĀ I know that hurting people hurt people. Right now I’m wondering what hurtful things happened to our president-elect Donald Trump to compel him to use such hurtful words so carelessly. I want to hug him until he cries and breaks and tells me all the stories of the hurtful labeling that others put on him. I want to listen with compassion. I want to help dry his tears and help him to understand the power of forgiveness. I want to tell him, “I’m sorry that people were mean to you. Those people can’t have power over you. To be the leader of our country you must be kind. You have to humble yourself and know that there’s a lot of work inside of you that must be done so that you can be a strong man and leader. You need to forgive yourself for the atrocious words and labeling that you have done in response to all the hurt you carry. You should start now and understand that this is a journey. I promise you, the more vulnerable you allow yourself to be the more you will be relatable to the people you will serve. I don’t like your actions, Mr. Trump. I don’t like the mean things you have said and done, but right now I want you to know that I love you because you are a human. We are all humans who deserve dignity and respect.”

Holly Combs speaking at TEDxIndianapolis
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