A Girls Gift – photo by Ericka Hardin-Gibson

“My favorite part of the entire program was meeting Miss Holly. She engaged us in an inspiring activity that empowered us to throw away all of the negative [labels] people have placed on us and to embrace all the good we know we have within us. OK, I’ll admit it… I cried a little… OK a LOT! But it was cleansing and I feel much better because of it.” – Madyson, Don’t Label Me Participant

“This presentation was amazing in so many ways and I am so glad that I was able to be there for it! I had not really given much thought to labels that had been placed on me by others for a very long time and was surprised by how much those words had changed the way I viewed and labeled myself. To write those negative labels down and tear them up was so therapeutic and meaningful! I walked away feeling happy and having such a positive outlook on life…and feeling beautiful for the first time in a while! Thank you!!” – Boys and Girls Club Don’t Label Me Participant

“I connect with how transparent you are. You make others want to open up be it within the group or just within themselves. You allow individuals to own their flaws and I appreciate you.” – Christel House DORS Academy Participant

“Holly was hilarious and very easy to connect with. She made it feel like I had known her forever with how easily she spoke to us like we were her best friends.” – North Grove Elementary Participant